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TW consulting leverages data and technology to increase the impact of your organization’s marketing.  The mission is to provide analytics, content marketing, and advertising services to churches and nonprofits. We have discovered through years of testing some of the best kept secrets in online marketing. These can help you have more focused efforts in spreading your message in a more impactful way without all the frustrations.

Our team takes a holistic approach and tailors our services to your unique needs. Whether that’s data analysis, digital strategy, web development, or training. We help your organization reach new levels.

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STOP being overlooked...The good news is you can be first on google searches...and we can show you how...using a proven simple process. 

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How To Qualify for $120,000 of FREE Google Advertising Every Year…

Google offers a $120,000 grant to qualifying churches and non-profits for FREE Google Advertising ($10K/month). If you qualify, you are given a $10,000 monthly “allowance” so you can buy up meaningful key words to your heart’s content.

Only 3% of Churches and Non-Profits Use This. Why?

  • They don’t even know the Google grant exists.
  • They are intimidated by the grant application process.
  • If they do qualify, they lack the expertise to apply the dollars wisely.
  • They don’t know how to leverage the entire $10K monthly allowance. (It’s actually quite a challenge to spend the entire amount)
  • They lack a strategy that enables them to sustain the 5% click through rate that Google requires.
  • It sounds great but it just sounds like a different world they don’t understand.

This is where TW Consulting can help.

  • We have streamlined the application process and made it easy.
  • We use analytical tools to research the words that will drive new traffic.
  • We devise a custom, simple & actionable implementation plan for you to follow so that you leave no free dollars on the table and can exceed your 5% click through rate.
  • We provide a comprehensive digital and social strategy, complete with a back-end/data capture process.
  • We provide a monthly 30 minute zoom call with you so that you can remain adaptive to the dynamic needs of your organization and of those searching for you.
  • We also offer an annual evaluation and assessment.
  • We will help you 10X your Google footprint!

The bottom line: we will help you widen your front door, increase new visitors, and grow your mission!

TW Consulting got our church up in running in 30 days. We have found them very helpful with insights on how do impactful online marketing.
Andrew Bushway
Jubilee Communications
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